Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A new favorite snack

My Little Man has a new favorite snack, thanks to an opportunity to "spread the bzz" through Bzzagent. We were recently given the opportunity to try the Stonyfield Farm YoBaby and YoMommy yogurts. While I haven't personally tried the YoMommy (yet), my Little Man has been steadily enjoying the YoBaby yogurts. Made with whole milk and organic ingredients, these yogurts are made for growing babies and toddlers. You can even buy some with baby cereal added to it.

I've recommended the YoMommy yogurt to a couple of my friends, even though I haven't tried it yet. Just as the YoBaby yogurt is made for babies, YoMommy yogurt is made for pregnant and nursing moms. It is low-fat, and contains added folic acid, DHA, and vitamin D. What a great, tasty way to add these important nutrients into a mommy's diet.

I'm so glad that Bzzagent gave my son the chance to try this new favorite snack!

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