Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nice but creepy

Once a week, I stop at the store after dropping the kids off at school to get Little Man a donut. This morning, I promised I'd take him (before I knew it would start raining). Anyway, it started raining just as we got the kids to school, and Little Man was not letting me forget the donuts. We got to the corner by the store and he kept saying "Donut, Mommy. Donut, Mommy." So I stopped for his donut.

Since it was raining, I left the truck unlocked. I NEVER leave it unlocked. My hubby complains because locking it is such a habit that I have even locked the truck when I knew he was about to get in it to go somewhere. I decided to leave it unlocked so that I could get Little Man back into the truck in a hurry rather than unlocking it in the rain (since unlocking the truck is a huge ordeal with Little Man, who thinks he has to be the one to do it).

The truck has lazy man lights. You know, the lights that turn themselves off. I had parked in the first parking spot, and as I was walking into the store, I peaked back to see if they were off yet, and I know they were still on. Not too unusual. What was unusual was what I found when I got back into the truck.

I started the trucked and realized that the lights didn't come back on. I looked at the switch to the lights and found that the switch to the automatic lights had been turned off. I'm guessing someone saw my lights were still on and decided to be helpful and turn them off. Nice thought, but creepy that someone would just get into my truck and turn them off for me.

After I realized that, I searched the truck to see if anything was missing. Everything seemed to be there. So someone just opened the door and fumbled to find which switch turned off the lights until the lights were turned off. Like I said, nice that someone didn't want my lights to be left on and risk the battery, but creepy that someone would enter my vehicle.

Whenever I see that someone has left their lights on, I always do two things. First, I wait a few seconds to see if they turn themselves off. Then I go into the store and give the plate number and description to the customer service counter so they can call over the intercom so that the owner of the vehicle can turn their own lights off.

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