Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nine years old?!

How did it happen? How did my Angel Baby turn grow up and turn nine so fast?! The time has just flown by, and I hate that they are all growing so quickly. I wish that I could manage to keep them small just a little while longer.

Angel Baby's birthday was last weekend, but we aren't having her party until this weekend. Last weekend ended up being very busy, and she couldn't make up her mind about what she wanted to do for her party. In fact, she didn't decide until Friday morning, and we had to plan everything over the weekend to get the invitations delivered Monday morning.

We started out with a slumber party. Then it changed to a scrapbooking party. Now, it's just pizza and hanging out. And now she has boys on the guest list! BOYS! Is she really old enough to start having crushes?

We have so much to look forward to as she grows up!

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