Friday, March 7, 2008

Thinking back to Christmas

I was just checking some files on my computer, and I ran across my Christmas list. It isn't the Christmas list of what I wanted personally. It isn't the list of what I knew my kids wanted. Instead, this is the list of items I bought and of how much I spent. I also use it to calculate how much I saved, basing the savings on a budget per person, and how much I actually spent on their presents.

What amazed me was how much I managed to save this year. I know that everyone on my list was more than happy with the presents that they received from my husband, my kids, Santa, and myself. I have a rather extensive list of people I have to buy for, and I still managed to save almost $300 compared to my budgeted amount.

I usually buy my presents year round to help save my money, but I really took advantage of some of the Black Friday sales that I found out about on For example, I was able to get a free (yes FREE) MP3 player from Old Navy when I went to purchase my presents there. And I was able to get my children some really cool Disney digital cameras for half the usual prices at Kmart. And the emailed alerts from the site let me know when new listings were added for me to check out.

I'm so glad that I had those ads to help me find my savings this year!

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