Friday, April 25, 2008

The mystery of Spring (aka Scoop) and Conrad

Last month, I bought Spring, aka Scoop, to help keep the goldfish bowl clean. Our two goldfish, Cupid and Nicholas, manage to get their tank dirtier than I've ever seen a fish bowl get, despite the pump. So last month, we added Spring and a plant. About two weeks ago, my husband decided we needed to add another algae eater to the mix, and so Conrad joined the crew.

Shortly after we got Conrad, it was time for me to clean the tank again. As usual, I stuck all the fish in another bowl while I did the cleaning. After I finished, I transferred the fish one-by-one back to their tank. With two algae eaters, we figured it would take a little longer this time around for the bowl to get dirty.

That is why we were so shocked when the water started turning orange just a few days later, faster than it ever had. We couldn't see Spring or Conrad, so we assumed they were on the other side of the tank, hiding behind that castle that houses the filter. When we didn't see them the next day, and the water continued to get dirtier, we decided to do a search. My husband got a flashlight out, which he aimed everywhere, including inside the filter. Spring and Conrad were nowhere to be seen.

If it wasn't for the fact that I specifically remember putting them one by one back into their tank, using their net to transfer them, I might wonder if I accidentally forgot to put them back in their tank, and that they'd made their way to fishy heaven via the drain to the kitchen sink. Instead, we're left with the more obvious, brutal answer. Cupid and Nicholas ate Spring and Conrad. I guess that explains why one in particular looks a lot bigger lately!

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