Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Break

My kids are on spring break this week. We're not going to take any big trips, since we have a vacation coming up at the end of next month, but I'm hoping we can do a few extra fun things. Today, we're going to get the house cleaned up. I'm hoping this will leave us free to do whatever we want the rest of the week.

There is no league bowling this week, so I'm planning on taking the kids to an outing with my mom's group. We're planning to take all the kids to the local game ranch, something that all of my kids enjoy. Then, maybe we will follow it up with a picnic (if I remember to take stuff with me!).

Friday, we're supposed to go to a play date. All the kids will enjoy that, too. Even though most of the kids will be younger than my oldest two, my kids all enjoy going to these play dates. It gets them out of the house, and they always enjoy helping out with all the toddlers.

I'm hoping we can add a trip to the park, and maybe a dollar movie to our week. I want to be able to give them a good spring break this year. I hope everything works out like we're planning.

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