Friday, June 20, 2008

Planning parties

It's getting to be that time again. The time when I start planning yet another birthday party. My Monster Man will be eight soon, and he's expecting to have his party just as he dreams. While he's suggested things like Chuck E Cheese or sleepovers, he is perfectly happy with my suggestion of hosting his party at a pool, where we can rent the pool house and have room for everyone, and the kids can wear off the sugar from the cake by playing in the pool for a couple of hours.

Now that we know what we're doing, we have to set the date. As soon as we do, I'm going to order custom made invitations. It sounds expensive, but I was able to get an awesome deal on them last year, and I'm using the same site again this year. You see, VistaPrint allows you to try some of their products for free. All you have to do is pay shipping.

In the past year, I've taken great advantage of this offer. It started with 140 free custom made address labels, and I was impressed as soon as they arrived. I was then able to get 250 business cards for free, which I had made to help spread the word about the moms group I am a member of. For my Monster Man's birthday last year, I was able to have 20 invitations made for only $5.99 (I could've chosen 10 for free, but it wasn't all that I needed) plus shipping, for a total of just over $12. A couple of months later, I ordered a free address labeling rubber stamp for one of my friends.

The deal came in handy for Christmas, too. Instead of traditional Christmas cards, we sent out Christmas post cards. I was able to get 100 for free (way more than we needed, but it allowed for extras on hand in case we got unexpected cards and needed to send some in return, which we did), and I paid a little extra to put a family picture as the front design. The cost for 100 custom made Christmas postcards, including shipping, was only $10.44! They were a hit, too, and a couple of my friends asked where they could have them made this year. And I took advantage of the offer once again to make a custom made calendar, with a different picture of my kids for each month, and with all the children's, grandchildren's, and in-law's birthdays and anniversaries printed on the appropriate dates, for a Christmas present for my mom. Special ordering it with our own pictures brought the total to just under $11 after shipping, which is way less than other sites, the calendar was a big hit.

I plan on taking advantage of these great offers again this year- for more birthdays, Christmas, and anything else I find in between. VistaPrint has a lot to offer, and has fast become a favorite for me.

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