Monday, July 28, 2008

Update on the Magic Jack Situation

So I got an email from Magic Jack today. Evidently my complaint to the BBB worked, as they are now going to give the refund once they receive the product back (though, after reading other complaints, I'm not going to believe I'll get the refund until actually see it). The company acted like they were doing this as a favor to me, even though my 30 day trial is over, but I know it is because I complained to the Better Business Bureau.

In fact, upon looking up information on the Magic Jack on the BBB website, I discovered that my complaint is one of 413! The number is on the rise, too, as I know a couple other people planning on making complaints. The BBB gives the Magic Jack an F for its business rating.

What really surprised me was what the Clark Howard website had to say about the Magic Jack. Clark Howard offer what are considered to be highly reliable consumer reports. He actually states that he loves the Magic Jack; but if you look at the comments on his site, you can see that most of his readers don't seem to agree. I found 85 comments from June 19 of this year until now, and the majority are complaints about the product.

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