Thursday, July 24, 2008

What a piece of junk!

If you ever see an ad for the Magic Jack, don't fall for it! My husband read all the reviews he could find after hearing about this on a news clip. He asked for one for Father's Day, so I ordered it. The deal was that it was supposed to give us phone service, with unlimited long distance to the US and Canada for $19.99 a year, with the first year being $40 to cover the cost of the jack. I tried to tell him it sounded too good to be true, but he didn't listen.

Magic Jack always claims to have a 30 day no risk period, with the promotion ending the day that you go to their site. The date changes every day, so this is no promotion. Keep in mind that this is lie #1. Your credit card will not get charged until the 30 days is over.

The product took close to the full 30 days to arrive. There is almost no way to get to experience it and return it in the 30 day trial period. Basically, if you spend the money to get it, you're screwed from the get-go. Lie #2

The site claims that installation is easy. It claims you can plug it in, the computer will recognize it, and you can set it up to use in minutes. Instead, installation was nowhere near so easy, and once the computer had finally installed it and we had filled out the required information, we discovered that we would have to wait a few hours for it to be activated. Lie #3

We were also told that the sound quality was much clearer than other internet phone options. Lie #4 The sound distortion is awful!

To top all this off, when I made my purchase the site TOS stated that I had 30 days after my card was charged to make a return for a full refund. When I went back to make a return, they had changed their TOS. You can no longer make a return after the 1st 30 days trial period.

Magic Jack screwed us. Don't let it screw you out of money, too!

I've contacted the Better Business Bureau, and you can bet I will continue letting everyone I know about this horrible product. Don't let yourself get scammed!

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