Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wii Love It

We recently bought a Wii for the family. My husband, who loves video games, wanted the PS3, but I told him I would rather the family have a Wii instead. After all, the Wii encourages us to exercise (and even prompts us to take breaks), while other systems have users sitting in front of the TV for hours on end. I was actually excited when he came home to announce that he had found an awesome deal on the Wii and would be buying it with his bonus.

After purchasing it, we decided to look for extra games. Through the deal he got, he was able to get 4 extra games with the system, but we knew we would eventually want to buy more. When we discovered the cost of many of the games, we decided that it would be much cheaper to rent them first and decide whether or not we like the games before spending our money to purchase them.

When I checked into the costs of game rentals at many of the video rental companies near the house, I discovered that I would end up spending close to $10 each time I wanted to rent one game. I decided to search for other options. I was pleased when I found out that Gamefly lets us rent games for a low monthly cost, and we can rent as many as we can play and return in the month. I immediately signed our family up, and we're already enjoying the service.

Try GameFly for FREE or start for only $8.95!

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