Friday, August 8, 2008

Another update on the Magic Jack situation

I sent back my Magic Jack last week, and I put tracking on the package when it sent back. The company received my return on Wednesday of last week. This Tuesday morning, I still had not been issued a refund. I contacted the company wanting to know when I would be issued my refund. I received an emailed reply at 8:33am on Tuesday stating that my refund had been issued, and to please allow 72 business hours to see my refund.

As we all know, there have been no holidays or weekends between Tuesday and today. According to all companies I have dealt with, the 72 hour waiting period counts from the moment the refund was issued until the moment it will appear on your account, and that the only thing that might delay this is a holiday or weekend. Well, now it has been over 75 hours since I received the email telling me the refund had been issued, and I still do not see the funds reflected on my account.

I'm not really too surprised. From the BBB reports, it appears that Magic Jack is also slow to refund. All I can say is that they will continue to hear from me until I see my expected refund!

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