Tuesday, August 19, 2008

RIP Nicholas

Back in November, I blogged about two new members to our family, Cupid and Nicholas. Since receiving these two goldfish back in November, we've had a lot of adventures with them. For example, Cupid (at least, from the size she has grown to - see the pictures below - we believe it was Cupid) ate two algae eaters that we bought for their tank. We purchased a third friend from them, Wags, but he didn't make it long at all.

I have the sad job of reporting that Nicholas took his final swim to sea (the toilet sea, as my husband phrased it) this morning. A couple of days ago, I was on the phone with a friend and noticed that Nicholas, the fan tail, was swimming upside down. Not floating like it was dead, but actually swimming. A few seconds later, he was right-side up, so I figured maybe I had imagined it. When I went to clean the tank yesterday, though, I noticed that he was acting really funny. For one thing, I didn't have to chase him down with the net. Instead, I just scooped him out. When I put him in the bowl I keep the fish in while cleaning the tank, he just kind of stayed in one spot. At first, I thought maybe the change from one bowl to the other had shocked him and killed him, but I touched him with the net and he started swimming again. Later, while I was still cleaning the tank, I realized that he was swimming upside down. Again, not floating but swimming. At this point, I started realizing he was sick. So, when I finished cleaning the tank, I only moved Cupid into the tank and left Nicholas in the extra bowl.

When my husband got home from work, he took a look at Nicholas. It was then that we noticed his belly was turning dark red, like you could see blood pooling inside. We were hoping it was just something else making his stomach red, but we continued to keep an eye on him. After reading up on goldfish illnesses, I thought maybe he was constipated, and that was what was causing him to have issues staying upright. However, he continued to get worse and look pathetic.

When we got up this morning, we thought he was doing better. He was swimming around upright, and seemed to be acting somewhat normal. In fact, I almost put him back into the tank with Cupid, but something told me to hold off. A little while later, I went to check on him again, and he wasn't moving. The poor fish had finally given in to whatever illness was causing him to swim upside down.

For now, we're holding off on getting Cupid a new friend. After what she did to the algae eaters, we're a little afraid that she might eat it. We're going to keep a close eye on Cupid, and if she starts getting sick as well, we don't want to worry about putting another fish into the mix to get sick as well. If all goes well, we might get another (bigger) goldfish in the next few weeks.

Cupid and Nicholas in November- Cupid is on the left, Nicholas is on the right

Cupid this morning (see how much she's grown and her colors have brightened?)

We've actually figured that she's grown about 4"-5" since November! She no longer fits in the net without her body being bent!

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