Monday, August 25, 2008

Three more postcards today

We received three more postcards through Postcrossing today! We are all really enjoying receiving these little cards, and the kids are looking forward to finding the little surprises that come in the mail box every day.

The first came from ChrisC in Minnesota. She had previously sent me a card, and we are continuing to pass them between each other. This time, the card featured the Minnesota moose. They are amazing creatures, and I hope to get to see some for myself one day!

The next one is from Gail in Massachusetts. She sent a Halloween greetings postcard from Salem, featuring a witch, a black cat, and a jack o' lantern. The picture featured on the card is great, and it brings back a little memory of the Salem Witch Trials I learned about in school. I think this will be especially fun for me to research with the kids just in time for Halloween.

The last came from Megu in Japan. I was very excited about this card, as I have an interest in Japan. My brother has lived there for the past fifteen years, and I always take an interest in the information and pictures I can find about the country he loves so much. The postcrosser who sent me the card included how to write my name, as well as 'Hello' and 'Thank You' in Japanese. The card features Mt. Fuji, shown in the background of a beautiful field of wild flowers.

All three cards are wonderful additions to our collection, and they will look great in our scrapbook!

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