Monday, August 18, 2008

Two from Finland

We received two more postcards on Saturday. I was surprised to find that both came from Finland. With Postcrossing, you never know where the cards you receive will be sent from, and they can come from just about anywhere.

The two cards are very different. The first, sent by an 11 year old girl named Laura, features the Northern Lights lighting up the sky in such amazing colors! It really is so beautiful the way the different colors change not only the sky, but the rest of nature as well.

The second card came from Anna-Lena, who is a mother of two. Her postcard features a Moomin, a character from the famous stories and comics written and illustrated by Tove Jansson, who is of Finnish decent. I am definitely looking forward to finding more information on Moomin to help my children with the scrapbook we are making.

These two new postcards make an excellent addition to our scrapbook! We are now at 11 postcards for our family project.

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