Monday, September 8, 2008

For a friend

One of my friends was asking me recently about baby formula. She has been nursing her baby successfully for over six months now, but feels like she should start supplementing from time to time so she can leave her baby with Daddy once in a while. She wanted to know what formula I used with my kids, and if there was a way she could try some of the formulas without spending a lot of money.

I told her about how many of the formula companies offer free samples of their formulas. I told her to google for information on the programs the different companies offer, such as free cans or checks for savings on their formula. My favorite is the program through Enfamil. In the hospital, I was given a free diaper bag with samples. Later, other samples came in the mail, as well as a few savings checks.

These samples were the perfect size for keeping in the diaper bag when we were on the run, rather than carrying a full-sized can. They sure made life a little easier for us!

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