Thursday, September 4, 2008

A wish for my Monster Man

Recently, I came across a great site called Wish Upon A Hero. This sight allows its users to wish for everything from prayers and well wishes to financial help and help with getting specific wanted/needed items. I fast became a fan of the site, helping grant wishes mostly through sending cards to those who wish for them, but occasionally sending other items as well.

My Monster Man is turning 8 on Saturday. I decided to make a special wish just for him, asking the heroes of the site to send him birthday cards to help celebrate. I didn't let him know about it at the time, wanting it to be a huge surprise. And huge it was. I had 26 people respond to the wish, offering to send cards and small gifts, usually stickers, to him.

The first of the cards arrived on Tuesday. I wanted to hold off and give them to him on Saturday morning, but he found them ahead of time. He's started opening a couple of them, though the majority will be opened on his birthday. It's giving him a chance to celebrate his birthday a little longer.

I definitely owe a big thank you to the card heroes of Wish Upon A Hero!

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