Monday, October 6, 2008

How is it

that getting the kids' picture taken can be so darn exhausting?! I got the brilliant idea to have their pictures made on Friday because 1) Little Man actually didn't have a goose egg on his head, 2) Angel Baby's eczema was actually under control, 3) I haven't had good pictures of them taken individually in a really long time, 4) I want to try to get a good picture to take to my Grandma at the hospital, 5) The kids were out of school, and 6) I had a coupon that I couldn't pass up on using (I saved over $80!).

I got the kids up and around that morning in regular clothes without a problem. I got their clothes for the pictures around without a problem, but realized the boys needed black socks and Angel Baby didn't have tights that fit. I added those to the "pick up on the way" list. We then headed out for haircuts. We started with Angel Baby at Great Clips. There was over a 30 minute wait (because evidently all the other parents with kids home from school today thought it was the perfect time to go for haircuts), but they had toys in the waiting area so I figured it wouldn't be a problem. Of course, Monster Man got bored really quick, and then he decided he wanted lunch (despite the fact that he'd only had breakfast an hour and a half earlier). So began the whining. Angel Baby finally got her hair cut, and we headed down to the place where the boys get their hair cut (because the place does awesome on men and boys but sucks on women and girls despite their claims to be a "hair salon" and not a barber shop, and because I can take the boys and not have to say a thing because they know exactly how my husband and the boys always have their hair cut). There was no wait there, but it still was too long because Monster Man was by this time convinced I was starving him, and because Little Man had dropped 4 suckers on the ground, each needing to be thrown away which completely ticked him off. We finally decide to head to McDonald's on the way to get the pictures, only to find the drive-thru backed up all the way to the road. I convinced the kids to wait until we got close to the picture place (30 minutes away) and get something there. So we get over there, go through the drive thru, and eat our lunch in the truck in the parking lot in front of Target before heading into the store. Oh, and did I mention that I hadn't been able to call in before we left to make an appointment because their line was busy each time I called? So we head into the store to make sure we can even get an appointment before taking their clothes into the store to change into. Well, by the time we walked to the portrait studio, it was 1:58. They conveniently had lunch from 2-3, and informed me that the reason I hadn't been able to call was that they had 'just discovered' that their phone had been off the hook all day. The guy tells me he can get me in at 3:20, so I said fine and went through the store to get the socks and tights. By this point, I realized Angel Baby had painted her nails and tried chipping the nail polish off, so I had to buy nail polish remover and cotton balls to remove the nail polish before the pics. And then Angel Baby's nose started running, so I had to buy her tissue because she wouldn't use a napkin. And then she got hit with a stomach ache and didn't quite make it to the bathroom in time, so I had to go back through the store, buy her new panties, and take them to her so she could change. Then we were finally able to go back to the truck to get the clothes so we could get them changed for the pictures. We finally got the kids ready and to the studio, and they didn't get them in until 3:45. By the time we finally got to choose pictures, pay, and leave, it was 5:00! What I thought was going to be a two hour outing turned into over six hours, and I had to avoid making three other stops that I was supposed to make and postpone them to tomorrow.

Oh well, though. The pictures turned out great, and I can't wait to have them in hand!

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