Friday, October 31, 2008

Really loving Postcrossing

By now you know that my family has enjoying be a part of the Postcrossing community. Yesterday, we received two more great cards that I wanted to share.

This first postcard is from Sandra in Germany. She says that she lives in a very small town about 20 miles from Frankfurt, and that the population of her hometown is only about 700! She says she works in Frankfurt five days a week. What a great skyline Frankfurt has!

This second card was sent through a private trade with Postcrossing. The person who sent (from North Carolina) it is trying to get postcards from every state in the US, and I happened to be from a state that was still needed. I love dolphins, so this was an exciting postcard to receive. The kids enjoyed it just as much as I did, too.

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  1. I like postcrossing too!

    Mama from from france
    Free swap gift community