Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Three new postcards

We received three new postcards yesterday. Two were registered postcards at Postcrossing. The other was actually a card from ChrisC (who I originally received a postcard from at Postcrossing, and we've been exchanging postcards since then).

The postcard above is one ChrisC sent that was from some extras she picked up while vacationing in Hawaii. The back of the card says that is from Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii. I really love all the scenary. The card says that this was photographed by John Wagner. I think he did an awesome job capturing this shot!

The card above comes from Kertsin, who lives in a small village near Hannover, Germany. She states that when the weather is not as nice, she likes to vacation (or 'holiday') to other nice places. This card featuring Ancient Olympia's Stadium was from her vacation to Greece. What a great way to escape the bad weather!

This last card comes from Carlos in Portugal. He says it shows a typical house with a stork's nest on top. He states that the stork is a principal nature pattern of Algarve, which has great symbolism in Portugal. I'm not sure why the scanner added these lines through the card. It hasn't done that with any others.

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