Monday, October 6, 2008

Two new postcards!

We received two new postcards. Both of these came from within the United States, and we were excited to see them. I thought it was kind of neat that neither of the cards, which happened to arrive on the same day, were the shape of typical postcards.

The first came from Texas. I love the sunset cattle drive picture, and the shape of the card is really cool! The message "Don't mess with Texas" is something that I've heard from a lot of people is a good general rule about Texas. I hope to visit there one day to see what Texas is all about! The card came from Allie and Robert, who are children in a homeschooling family using Postcrossing to learn about US and world geography.

The almost-square card from Las Vegas is also great! I love seeing the City of Lights all lit up! I hope to one day get a first hand view of this awesome site. Pauline, who sent the card, said that she is still trying to get used to the heat and the tourists after two years living in this great city.

We are looking forward to seeing more postcards arriving in the near future!

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