Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Witte Museum in San Antonio

When my Angel Baby first saw the front of our most recent postcard, she immediately said "We got a postcard from India." I definitely can see where she got that idea, but in all actuality the card came from San Antonio, Texas. This postcard, which came from the Witte Museum in San Antonio, features two elephants dining at a table. The whole scene looks like it should have taken place somewhere else, and I really agree with Angel Baby that it could've come from India based on first look. (Maybe I should get my friend from India to have someone send a postcard to the kids so they can see a real one from India...)

We really loved this card, and it will look great in our scrapbook!

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  1. Received your postcard from Atlanta yesterday. I love the architecture of the building. Thanks! =)~Gail