Friday, November 7, 2008

Wonder if he'd like them?

My husband has been looking for some good pants that he can not only wear for comfort, but also have the versatility for him to be able to do yard work, wear to work, and do any other heavy labor he can think of. He says he's jeans don't always offer him the best flexibility, and he doesn't want to wear his more expensive khakis for fear of ruining. He wants something that will allow him to move the ways he needs to move without sacrificing comfort. Most importantly, though, he wants to make sure the pants don't put too big of a dent in our budget.

He's been looking a lot into military camos. He told me a lot of the guys he works with wear them because they stand up to heavy conditions, but are still comfortable (definitely more comfortable than the scratchy pants their company provides). Unfortunately, he's been having a hard time finding some in his size. That's why I am so glad I just found this great website that sells tactical pants at affordable prices. They offer a great selection of the same style pants worn by law enforcement and the military, and they offer them at an affordable price since they aren't a pricey name brand.

I am hoping that my husband will like these. They seem to be exactly what he's been looking for.

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