Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our first postcards of 2009

The other day, we received our first postcards for 2009. I say postcards, plural, because we received 4 that day.

The first postcard came from Kerstin in Germany. I thought that the rollerblading babies were precious, and it was fun to get something a little different (though I do enjoy the more traditional cards just as much!).

The next card came from Violetta in Belarus. I'd never heard of Belarus before, so it was fun to look it up on the map and see where exactly it was. The picture is beautiful, and my husband and I particularly liked the architecture of the building in the back.

The third came from Finland. The senders name was covered by some bars stamped on by the post office, but the message was clear. The family was wished a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and the sender made a point of adding special stamps since I had written in my profile that I collect stamps. What a great Christmas-y postcard!

This last card came from Chrissi in Germany. I am hoping she sends me a message soon so that I can properly thank her for her card, as she forgot to include the tracking number so I could register it as received. The card had various pictures on it, and they were all quite nice. The scanned image does not do them any justice.

It looks like we are off to a great postcrossing year! I can't wait to receive more cards soon.

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