Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Need to catch up

Since we've been busy moving, I haven't been able to upload all the pictures of the postcards we have recently received. While I prefer to do individual posts for each postcard, I need to include all the recent postcards in one post in order to catch myself up. Here we go:

This one came from a Postcrosser in Spain who reports that this building, La Sagrada Familia, is the most important landmark in Barcelona.

This postcard also came from Spain, this time from Valencia. It is a city located on the Mediterranean Sea.

This postcard, featuring the Great Wall of China, including writing in both English and Chinese.

This postcard came from Jane in China. It has a collection of her ancient Chinese calligraphy on the front, as well as her stamps.

This postcard came from Nicholas in Sabah, Malaysia. This was only the second Postcrossing postcard he'd ever sent out.

These are all great postcards and will be excellent additions to our scrapbook!

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