Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So far this summer

The kids' last day at school was Friday, May 29. This makes today the 4th official day of summer vacation. This has already been a crazy summer.


I had to check the kids out of school early for a dental check-up that was supposed to have been Thursday after school, but the dentist rescheduled.


Angel Baby woke up in the middle of the night Friday night complaining of a sore throat. When she got up Saturday morning, her voice was almost completely gone. She was grouchy and miserable. To top it off, I was having problems with my asthma.


I was feeling a little better, but Angel Baby was still miserable. I took the boys to church while my hubby stayed home with our sick little girl, and I left the house listening to her attempt to scream that she was not sick and wanted to go with us (yet not quite getting the words out since her voice was cracking).


Angel Baby was feeling a little better, well enough to play with friends. On the other hand, Monster Man woke up with a nasty looking bite, surrounded by red, on his arm. I gave him some Benadryl, and it seemed to get better. The kids played, I watched some neighbor kids, the house was loud and hectic.


Monster Man woke up with the spot on his arm getting redder and nastier, a fever of 102, and a horrible headache. Off to the doctor we went. Turns out the bite has caused a nasty infection, and he has a sinus infection on top of that. The doctor thinks it is either a spider bite or the beginnings of lyme disease, both of which can be treated with the antibiotic that she prescribed him today.

What an interesting start to summer vacation!

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