Sunday, July 5, 2009

A true mom of boys

Some days are major reminders that I am the mom of two rough and tumble boys. Yesterday, Independence Day, was one of those days. It started out busy, trying to get last minute errands ran before we had family and friends over for a cookout. Shortly after we got home from the grocery store, while I was busy cleaning fresh corn on the cob and preparing it to grill, I heard Monster Man coming into the house sobbing. Daddy was helping him into the kitchen so that I could clean him up.

It turned out he'd been riding his bike in the driveway and had gotten to close the ravine next to the house. In his effort to get away from it, he caught his tire in some ivy and flipped the bike. To top it off, he wasn't wearing his helmet. He had scrapped both knees, did a pretty good number of his elbow, and hit his forehead on the ground (thankfully, he didn't hit it too hard). The rest of the day was spent taking it easy for Monster Man.

Little Man, however, waited until later in the day for his little reminder to me of just how true the shirt he was wearing was. His shirt announced "I do all my own stunts", which was exactly what he did yesterday when he discovered he could gain speed on his Big Wheel by walking it to the top of a hill and riding it down. He did this over and over about ten times before he turned the wheel the wrong direction as he was coming to a stop and flipped his Big Wheel. The poor boy now has a majorly swollen upper lip with a scrap directly under the nose and spot where he bit into the skin just under the scrap. I was not at all prepared for his first real bike accident.

Thankfully, I'm proud to say that Angel Baby didn't decide to get hurt like her brothers yesterday. I was beginning to think one of them would end up in the emergency room before the night was over.

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