Saturday, August 8, 2009

Do you ever get frustrated?

Do you ever get frustrated with things on the internet? Especially with things that seem like more of a hassle than they are really worth? I've been feeling that way a lot lately. Take for example the site that I use to do most of my paid blogging (aka sponsored posts). I have multiple places on my blog that mention that some of my posts are sponsored posts (which, according to their terms of service is all I need). This morning, I get on to find out that one of my posts has been rejected because the site claims that I haven't informed my readers that some of my posts are sponsored posts. Who cares that I have the little widgets all over the blog? Who cares that I've posted several times about the advantages of paid blogging? It becomes a huge hassle when you follow the guidelines only to be told that someone doesn't see that you've followed the guidelines. What's up with that? Now I remember why I took such a long break from all my paid blogging posts.

I will still continue to do the sponsored posts, as those pennies and dollars I earn for doing them do add up. I just want to make sure that this post, while allowing me to vent my frustration, also reminds my readers that THE CONTENT IN SOME OF MY POSTS IS SPONSORED CONTENT. Just so you know and remember... lol

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