Friday, August 14, 2009

Finally got some more postcards

Here it was I posted not too long ago that I hadn't received any new postcards in a while. Postcrossing must be making up for it because I got more than a few today. In fact, I received 5 postcards in the mail today! It sure helped brighten my day a lot.

This first postcard was actually a greeting card sent from Nienke in the Netherlands. She reports that this is the "Real" rules to hermitage, as stated by Catherine the Great. These are some great rules to live by.

This card came from Mary in Massachusetts. It shows the Swanboats in the Public Gardens of Boston. What neat boats!

This card came from Jules in Canada. Like me, she is a stay-at-home mom taking courses online. She just finished her degree in education (which, coincidentally, I recently changed my major to).

This postcard came from Poland. Opole is a Polish town that the sender was visiting while on vacation. It's such a pretty town right on the water!

This last card came from Bruce in Nevada. Since I stated in my Postcrossing profile that I collect stamps, he thought it would be nice to send me a card full of stamps. What a great surprise!

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