Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An Interesting Turn of Events

Many of you who know me personally know how exceptionally advanced my Monster Man is. Many also know that he'd be up a grade if he'd been born only five days earlier. Since he started school, this has been a constant battle. Monster Man read two Harry Potter books in kindergarten, and was helping Angel Baby with her math homework (she's two grades ahead of him) by the beginning of first grade. Needless to say, keeping him challenged has been a big issue when it comes to school.

Last school year, I was promised that Monster Man would be evaluated to move up to the next grade (on top of being enrolled in the gifted program at school), but I recently found out that the evaluations were never completed. They were performed last week, and he did well (though his math score was a little lower than the county had hoped, which we already expected and had announced our intentions to work with him to bring him up to speed on that. He's a fast learner, so we know it wouldn't take long for him to be completely on track with the rest of the class). However, the county still decided it was in his best interest for him to remain in the third grade, despite recommendation by many of his previous teachers that he be advanced, as well.

The county made it perfectly clear in their communications to me that they have no intention of insuring that his educational needs are met. They said they would be willing to work with him on his reading, giving him a little more challenge, but that doesn't offer him the full challenge he needs in the rest of his schooling. As a result, we decided to go with the back-up plan that we already had in order for him. As of next week, when the materials arrive, Monster Man will be home-schooled.

I must say that - given the struggles we've had with teachers not knowing how to meet his needs, kids bullying him for being "the smart kid", and the emotional issues that Monster Man now endures as a result of his previous treatment in school - knowing my son's education is in my hands is a HUGE weight off my shoulders.

I may be a little on the crazy side for taking on home-schooling on top of being a full-time mom of three AND a full-time student, but the end results will be worth it all!

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