Monday, December 7, 2009

Time for finals

This morning, I took the last of four final exams. This semester (my fifth!) is over, and I'm now anxiously awaiting word of my final grades. If I did as well on the finals as I think I did, it looks like I will be finishing the semester with straight A's. It hasn't been easy, especially with three children, a husband, a new home, and a very spoiled dog to take care of. In fact, this semester has been the most stressful so far, with the exception of taking the summer semester in 2008 at the same time I ended up having to have my gall bladder removed.

I am looking forward to the break ahead of me before I start my next semester in January. It will be nice to sit back and relax, and to finally realize that I am making progress toward getting a degree and creating a better life for my family. This break will be spent refreshing myself and building up some excess energy. With the courses I have left in the next couple of school years, I will need all the energy I can get.

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