Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I've noticed something interesting about the way I bowl. This is something that never seems to fail. Whenever I am practicing, when the scores don't count for anything important, I bowl a lot better than when I am bowling for class or for league.

I didn't bowl at all from early December to almost the middle of January. I decided to go in for practice before my first night of class. The first day I practiced, I got no score lower than a 120, and my highest score was in the 150s. The next day, I practiced again. For all three games, I scored no lower than a 120. The next night, the first night of class, I started with an 86 and then scored a 120 even for my second game. I didn't practice at all the next week. Once again, I scored low for class - a 96 and a 115.

I went to practice again today, knowing that I have class tomorrow night and will be working toward my overall class average for the semester (as well as for the opportunity to exempt the final exam). I practiced three games today. The first game, I scored a 129. The second game, I scored a 156. The last game, I scored a 145. I can only hope to keep those scores up for tomorrow night (or do even better!).

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