Friday, February 26, 2010

Consignment sales

One of the many great things about having three kids is that I have three kids' worth of clothes that get outgrown each season. How is this a good thing? Well, I like to put the clothes that they outgrow into local consignment sales that specialize in children's clothing. It might not seem like a lot, but I manage to get somewhere between $100 and $200 at each big sale I do, and a little less at the smaller sales. My husband doesn't always understand why I put so much work into selling their clothes if I don't get more money for the effort. The truth is that I'm not in it to make a huge profit. Instead, I like to do it for the simple reason that I can buy their new clothes with the money I make from the sales. I usually come out pretty much breaking even between what I spend and what I earn, so to me it is like I never really had to pay for their new clothes in the first place. This little 'trade' keeps the need from clothes from taking a huge chunk out of our budget.

He's slowly coming around to understanding my side. Maybe one of these days he'll actually want to help out with the sales. :)

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