Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I have a friend

I have a friend that is in the process of buying her first home. Since we purchased our first home last year, she has been asking me for a lot of advice. She is getting frustrated with all the time-consuming tasks that are involved in purchasing a home, such as the home inspection services. While she feels confident that the real estate appraisal is right on the mark, and she has seen no sign of any issues with the home she is buying, she is terrified that something won't turn out right with the inspection, or that something else will get in the way of her buying her dream home. I remember feeling the same way myself, afraid that at any second the rug would be pulled from under me, and that I'd be losing out on making my dreams come true.

Thankfully, everything has gone much smoother for her than it did for my hubby and me. There were a few times when it was looking like we might lose the house after all, and we'd spend nights crying at the thought that we would be stuck in the old neighborhood, where we weren't happy at all. The area was going downhill, and we didn't want to have to stay there with our children. What a relief it was to be done with it all and finally get to move into our home!

Of course, we've already had to make our first insurance claim on the house, after a series of storms (to the point of flooding a lot of the cities around us) caused acorns and debris to thunder onto our roof. We've already had to have the roof replaced (which, thankfully, the insurance company helped us with immediately!). I'm hoping she won't have to make an insurance claim as quickly as we did. It is so worth it, though, when you realize that the home is your own.

I share with my friend quite often about what a good feeling it will be when all is said and done, and she can finally move into her new home. I am thrilled that she is getting to make her dream come true, just as we were able to. Now if I could just help her make it through her most recent problem... trying to decide if she wants to look into home warranties or not. Oh, the responsibilities of a future homeowner!

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