Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Wish I'd Known About This Sooner

Why is it that all the cute or stylish eyeglasses seem to cost a fortune? When we had to buy eyeglasses for Angel Baby a couple of years ago, we had a hard time finding a pair that looked good and was still within our budget. It wasn't an easy task at all, even at a discount vision center. It would have been so nice, at that time, to know what I now know about Zenni Optical.

I recently came across an online review for Zinni Optical, which stated that the eyeglasses available at Zinni Optical start at as little as $8 a pair. I am completely amazed that such inexpensive eyeglasses are available. What's even more amazing, in my opinion, is that options like anti-glare coating are also available for much cheaper than they cost at most vision centers. Still even more amazing is the fact that Zinni Optical doesn't try to make up for the savings by adding on costly shipping fees. In fact, as the article states, shipping has a flat rate of just $4.95 no matter how many pairs you purchase! This would be a great way to save when both Angel Baby and I need new glasses.

I haven't tried Zinni Optical yet, but I know I will be trying it when we need glasses next time.

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