Friday, February 26, 2010

A little easier

In an attempt to do our part to be a little more "green", my husband and I have recently enrolled in E biling for most of our bills. Between insurance, utilities, and our mortgage, that's six less envelopes stuffed with six less pieces of paper taking up space in our files (and, in the long run, the trash). In addition to e-billing, we have also started paying these bills online, so that is another six less envelopes and six-less paper checks or money orders. These simple steps in matter management don't seem like much, but they really do help when you think that those papers really add up over the years.

When we first made the decision to switch completely to electronic billing, we weren't sure whether we were making the right decision or not. In the past, we'd had problems with a finance company trying to claim we were late on payments. Whenever we would provide proof of the 'missed' payment, that company would change it to a different month. It ended up being a long battle, and we are still leery of taking any chances where a legal hold might come into play. Would e-billing allow us to avoid problems like this in the future? What if a company tried to claim we'd missed a payment or that a bill was for a different amount than what was paid? We wouldn't have a paper copy to prove anything. That's when we realized - DUH! We could always print it out, and the fact that the evidence is saved online means that we don't have to worry about searching through paper files looking for the proof we need. Going green has actually helped make our life a little easier!

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