Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Looking Forward to Spring and Summer

We are really looking forward to the arrival of spring in our new home. Last spring, when we first found our new home, the yard was filled with flowers. There are a mixture of azaleas, roses, honeysuckle, and so many other flowers in the yard that we can't wait to see pop back up and this time be able to say that they are ours. Part of the excitement is in the fact that, this year, we will be able to sit outside and really enjoy the view.

My hubby and I purchased some great outdoor furniture last year that will really come into good use this year. We are looking forward to having temperatures warm enough that we can sit outside, taking in the fresh air, and watch the kids play in the yard. And we love cookouts, so the extra wicker furniture we've had sitting in our basement will surely be pulled back outside so that we can have even more friends over to spend time with. Between the wicker furniture we were given and the newer set we bought (and at a great price, too!), we certainly have enough outdoor furniture seating to have a nice-sized party this summer!

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