Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our next dream

When we moved into our new home, there was a lot that ended up getting redecorated. The walls in our home were all pink (rosy pink at that) when we bought the house, and they were painted before we moved in. Actually, the floors had to be installed, so the painting was done before anything else. The flooring went in next, and many of the light fixtures were replaced. In fact, the house looks like it has had a complete makeover, and we love it!

The only thing that we didn't get done that we're hoping to do in the future is to remodel the bathrooms by replacing the bathroom vanities. We would love to have new vanities and counter tops to better match the colors we've put into the house. Since the counter tops are off-white and the wood of the cabinets matches well with the decor, it is easy to make them work for now. We just have some ideas on how we want to change them up a little, especially since the off-white counter tops look dirty almost as fast as they are cleaned. For example, my husband has been looking at a double sink bathroom vanity for the master bath. He likes the idea of his and hers sinks, and we've even found some replacement sinks that we really like. We're not as sure of what we want to put into the kids' bathroom, but I'm sure we'll find that soon enough, which is why we keep an eye on bathroom vanity clearance deals.

Turning our home into exactly what we want has been a dream come true, and we're enjoying every second of it!

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