Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sooner than I Expected!

I actually found a few moments, much sooner than I expected, to be able to catch up on my postcards. I have one more that I'm trying to locate, which I believe got put away with some scrapbook supplies. Once I find it, I will be sure to post about it.

The first two come from Postcrossing members in Finland. I am guessing that the cold snowy weather has them both in the mood for wintery postcards, since the first features polar bears (which I am reminded only live in zoos in Finland) and the other features a little cabin in the middle of a snow covered field. I am wondering if the cabin might actually be a fishing shanty on a frozen lake.

The next postcard came from a Postcrossing member in the Netherlands. Emmy, the sender, reports that the image on the front is from Blond-Amsterdam, which is really famous in Holland.

The last postcard comes from Singapore. The Postcrossing member who sent it to me reports that the orchid is a symbol of resilience, and that it is the national flower of Singapore.

These are all great postcards and will be wonderful additions to our ever-growing collection!

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