Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Their fish tanks were so cool

I used to take Angel Baby and Monster Man (pre-Little Man days) to a pediatrician that had their waiting rooms (one for sick patients, one for well patients) separated by a wall with built-in saltwater fish tanks. Those fish tanks were really cool! The kids loved watching the fish, even getting some of the fish to follow their finger as they moved it along the side of the glass, while waiting for their appointments.

These tanks were full of live coral and brightly colored fish. There were easily over 100 fish between the selection of tanks, and each one looked different in one way or another. Watching these fish swim around, in and out the glass statues inside the tank, around the coral, and along the glass walls served as a great distraction while waiting for the appointments, especially those dreaded appointments that involved immunizations.

Having those fish in view when you enter the waiting rooms of the pediatrician's office was a great way to make a welcoming, happy atmosphere. So many times, doctors' office waiting rooms are dreary places, adding to the crummy feelings that sick patients are already feeling, or to the anxiety of patients who know they are waiting for shots. It was so nice to have just the opposite experience, in the form of the fish tanks, to make the waiting rooms feeling a little brighter.

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