Monday, February 22, 2010

Thinking about the future

We moved into our new home less than a year ago, and we've been full of ideas ever since moving in. We've discussed the possibility of finishing off our garage/basement and building a new garage attached to the side since our vehicles don't fit into our existing garage. We've also talked about the possibility of holding off and just building our dream home sometime in the future. Either way, we've looked into several home plans, looking for ideas. We've found a great site with a selection of more than 1000 home plans available at House Plans and More. There are so many possibilities to be found on the site, from plans for garages and additions to plans for duplexes and other multi-family homes (and everything in between!). The rates for the plans are reasonable, too. We haven't made any definite decisions yet, but we know where we'll be looking when the time is right.

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