Friday, February 26, 2010

Those darn hackers!

I have a friend that has recently had one of her accounts hacked not once, but twice. In fact, these events happened back to back (literally - yesterday and today!). In her case, the hackers have been trying to send links to 'videos' for her friends to enjoy. Thankfully, none of us have clicked on the links since we've heard that they usually contain viruses and malware, and we've all been on the lookout. I'm not sure why hackers find it fun to get on other peoples' accounts and cause harm to computer users around the world, but I am sure that I am doing my best to protect my computer from the harm they are causing.

For starters, I've invested in some network security software that helps identify possible problems and prevent them from occurring in the first place. I also make sure to pay attention to my email server security to see if any attachments sent to me appear to cause a possible threat. If it comes from someone I don't know, or if there appears to be anything suspicious, I don't open the attachments. I don't want to risk viruses, and I am very antimalware in my usage of the computer.

I hope for my friend's sake that she is able to prevent the hacker from accessing her accounts again soon. It's so sad that she has turned into the victim of someone else's stupidity!

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