Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Catching Up on Postcards

The past few weeks, things around here have grown quite hectic. On top of the usual eat, sleep, church, school routine that we've already been living with, we have also added in softball. I don't just mean a little softball, either. I mean 4 teams that we have ourselves to (in one form or another). As a result, I am just now finally getting to catch up on some posts that I have missed. Below are our most recent postcards, all received within the last week.
This first postcard, based on a picture by a Korean artist, was sent to me from China. The sender reports that Tianjin, China (where the postcrossing member lives) has many foreigners from Japan, Korea, and Russia living, working, and studying there. My kids really enjoyed seeing the sheep 'dance' on the postcard.

This next postcard came from Roger in Seattle, Washington. He reports that there is a ferry service that runs cars across the water. While riding in his car on a ferry, he once saw a sea lion on a large piece of driftwood right out his car window. I am sure that is an experience he won't soon forget!

The third postcard came from Lysianne in the Netherlands. She reports that her city, Bilthoven, is small and boring, but it close enough to the bigger city of Utrecht, where she can visit and shop till she drops. I especially liked the front of the motorcycle, seen in the top left corner, that features a painting of a windmill.

The last postcard came to us from Finland, where we receive a lot of our postcards from. I like that this map card shows some views of winter in Finland.

These are all great postcards, and we're so excited to add them to our collection.

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