Thursday, March 11, 2010


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My husband and I used to be very involved in a truck club. In fact, our whole family spent a lot of our free time meeting up with other Ford truck owners and their families. Our activities ranged from cookouts and parties to truck shows and state-wide meet and greets. It was something we all were able to enjoy, and it let us be a part of my husband's hobby of working on vehicles.

Trucks, it turns out, can be a very expensive hobby. Many of the truck owners turn their love of their vehicles into a reason to customize them. I was always amazed at the differences even the small modifications (or "mods", as they were referred to) could make to each truck. We stuck to the smaller mods, like adding a tonneau cover and vent visors, as well as LED lights in purple to light up the tag, and a Line of Fire.

We saw a lot of changes made, both big and small. Some put in a billet grille or either lifted or lowered their trucks. Some bought expensive rims and tires, while others opted for custom paint jobs and souped-up engines. There were custom interiors, changes to the exhaust... The possibilities were endless! I know one guy that made so many changes to his F150 that it was almost like he'd created a whole new vehicle of his own.

Sometimes I miss seeing the changes these 'enthusiasts' made to their trucks. The memories I have of the time we spent with our old truck club are ones I will always look back on and smile.


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