Friday, March 26, 2010

Do you want to Kissimmee?

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I am doing my field observations for my education courses in a nearby elementary school. Today, I learned that one of the students in the classroom I've been helping in is moving this weekend. When I asked her where she was moving, she told me she was moving to Florida, just outside of Orlando and Kissimmee. That brought back a lot of memories for me.

I remember many trips to Florida from my childhood, and sometimes those trips would take us into Orlando and Kissimmee for some special fun. While we enjoyed seeing our relatives and visiting nearby beaches, there was just something magical about our visits into the Orlando/Kissimmee area. Whether is was the fun of Disney World or just riding around and seeing the many sites, there was never a lack of excitement during those vacations. In fact, a few years ago one of my friends and I stopped in Downtown Disney for shopping and adventure while we were visiting my relatives in Florida.

One of my favorite memories of a trip to Kissimmee was when I was 15. My parents took my best friend and me to Medieval Times for dinner and the jousting show. Before it opened for dinner guests to enter the building, we were able to travel the grounds watching people making pottery, having a live birds of prey show, and creating the feeling of us having stepped into the Medieval Times of so long ago.

I would love to take my kids on a trip to Florida, and to make Kissimmee and Orlando part of our itinerary. I know that they would thoroughly enjoy stopping at Disney Magic Kingdom or even Sea World, and I think that Monster Man (who has taken an interest in history) would love to go to Titanic The Experience. Little Man, on the other hand, would probably enjoy Reptile World Serpentarium, while Angel Baby would be more likely to enjoy Wet 'N Wild water park. And all three kids would love to stay at Celebration Suites at Old Town, which is convenient to the parks, kid-friendly, and has a swimming pool to play in during our down time.

There is just so much that we can see and do in Kissimmee. Why not plan check out the Kissimmee site to plan your own dream vacation?

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