Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The last time I went to a rodeo, I think I was about four or five years old. I don't remember a lot about it, but I can remember that I wanted to go back to another one. My husband also remembers going to rodeos and enjoying them, but for some reason we have never thought to take our children to one. We're considering doing just that at some point this year.

On the other hand, we have friends who have a lot of experience with rodeos. We have a few that have ridden bulls in rodeos, and several others that enjoy taking their families not only to rodeos near their homes, but also to rodeos near their family's homes in other states.

One of our friends recently purchased Houston Rodeo concert tickets, since his family was already planning a trip to see his grandparents in Houston this weekend. His wife is really looking forward to seeing Toby Keith in concert on Friday night, though their daughter would've preferred to go this past Sunday and see the Jonas Brothers in concert.

When my own kids heard about some of the concert line-up for the rodeo, they were a little disappointed that we didn't live in Texas, or have relatives there to visit, so that we could buy tickets for ourselves.

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