Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I mentioned recently that we have become very busy with softball. We have actually gotten way more involved with softball than we ever imagined!

Our church hosts a rather large softball league (we have over 400 children in the youth leagues - ages 5 to 17). Our original intentions this year were that Monster Man and Angel Baby would play on the youth leagues, and that my husband and I would play on the adult coed league. Sounds like a lot already, doesn't it? Well, when the church needed volunteers to coach, we decided to coach a team. We started out with one team, ages 5 to 7. Then I got a wild hair and decided to coach a different team than the one my husband had already signed up to coach. We ended up with two teams to coach, the younger group and Monster Man's team.

We are having a great time with softball. This weekend will be the kids' first games. We're anxious to see how that goes. We had a great time with our adult team's first game last weekend (and we won, which was exciting for us all!). This is going to be a great experience for our whole family.

(BTW- Little Man has already announced that when he is five, he will play softball. Hopefully then we will be a little more set in our routine, and adding an additional player to the family won't seem too crazy.)

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