Sunday, April 25, 2010

A break this weekend

This weekend, we had an unexpected break from softball. Friday night, we only had one softball game, and that was for Monster Man's team. Saturday, we woke up to rain and storms. We also woke up to a very sick Little Man, so we were thankful for the rain that canceled the five games we had scheduled for Saturday. Instead of playing ball, we ended up at the pediatrician's office. It turned out that Little Man had case of bronchitis that came pretty much out of nowhere, with the only previous symptom being a headache on Friday. Poor boy was wiped out all day yesterday! This morning, he was still feeling bad though he did show some improvement. My hubby took Angel Baby to church while I stayed home with Little Man, and Monster Man was at a friend's house after a birthday sleepover last night. Since I stayed home from church this morning, my hubby stayed home with the kids tonight while I went to our adult co-ed softball practice. After spending more than 24 hours cooped up with a sick little boy, I was glad to be back on the fields tonight.

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