Friday, April 2, 2010

It wouldn't start

Our faithful old truck is now thirteen years old. Over the years, we've replaced the engine and had the transmission rebuilt, and it's been put through a lot over the years. Imagine our surprise when the truck wouldn't start before church on Wednesday night. Since I have class on Wednesday nights, that meant my hubby and the kids had to stay home.

Thankfully, my hubby has taken up mechanics as a hobby over the years (too bad he isn't certified, or he could get a job in it!). He is hoping that it is a simple fix, and plans to change the fuel filter. Worst case scenario, he will have to be changing the fuel pump. If he does, he'll be ordering the pump, and any other necessary Auto Parts from Parts Gorilla. It's a great site with awesome deals on auto parts. Just my hubby's kind of website!

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