Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Even though I've lived in Georgia the majority of my life, I still have friends from my early years of living in Michigan. I was recently talking to one of those friends who told me that she was looking into getting her license and working at one of the local salons. She was considering going to Regency Beauty Institute's cosmetology school in Michigan. She was telling me that, while Regency started out in Minnesota with just two campuses, they've expanded to having close to 30 campuses in 9 states, and that they have placements not only with salons, but also with modeling companies and cruise ships. She was really excited about it, telling me that she wouldn't mind getting a placement on a cruise ship and getting to do some traveling, though she'd be just as happy with a local salon like she'd talked about.

She was really excited talking about the possibilities that were placed in front of her. It is a great opportunity, and I hope that it works out well for her.

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