Monday, April 12, 2010

Some kids want McDonald's

You always here of kids wanting McDonald's every time they pass by it. My kids are a little odd. Angel Baby always pointed out every Waffle House she saw, many times asking to stop in for a waffle. Monster Man was more like the typical kid, pointing out McDonald's and asking for a happy meal. Little Man is like Angel Baby. He, too, begs for Waffle House.

Last night at softball practice, Little Man got it into his head that he wanted to stop at Waffle House on the way home. He was so determined that we had to go that he cried the whole way home when we told him we couldn't eat out, and that we had dinner waiting at home. He even went into full tantrum mode (which he very rarely has ever done) when we walked in the front door last night and he realized there was no chance of turning around and going to Waffle House. Poor guy!

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